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Kontroller Project
Kontroller Project is a project of electronic music from city Donetsk (Ukraine).

Composition of the project: DJ-me and sound-producers Max Nemo and Gena Zeon. We take and Play music in Progressive-Trance style.

The project was formed by two friends Maksim Kapynov and Gennadiy Shkodin in 2012.

Enormous work was done: the experiments with different electronic directions, formations of style and foundations of our own recording studio. The project focuses on the quality of the product.

We have been doing the Magic Sound show project since 2014.

Radio show concept is the true magic of sound that can awaken every atom of your body and release the critical charge of emotions.

Only high – quality and melodious Vocal – Trance which will be enjoyed by all admirers of fine music without social and age restrictions.

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